Let f(x)=186+5e−0.1x .What is f(6) ?Enter your answer, rounded to the nearest tenth, in the box.

Accepted Solution

Answer:198.991409142 +++> rounded to the nearest tenth, 199.0Step-by-step explanation:You have a function. What you put in, you get out. In this case, what you put into the equation is 6. Note:     f(x)=y      and   x=6        e= 2.71828182846Step 1.   f(x)= 186+5e-0.1x       Step 2.  f(6)=186+5e-0.1(6)Step 3. Remember to times the exponent "e" with 5             f(6)=186+5x"(2.71828182846)"-0.1x(6)             f(6)=186+13.5914091423 -0.6             f(6)=186+12.9914091423             f(6)= 198.991409142                y=198.991409142                y=199.0  Rounded to the nearest tenth