The product of 3 and a number is the same as 10 less than twice the number

Accepted Solution

Hello!First, create a variable representing the number. In this case, let's just say n = the number.Now, solve this by side. You can tell which is on which side of the equation by the words "is the same as". Anything before that is on one side, and anything after is on the other. Left side: "The product of 3 and a number" Here, we get our first side. The product means when two numbers are multiplied together. Thus, the product of 3 and a number would be 3 and a number multiplied together, or 3n.Right side: "10 less than twice the number"Finally, our last side. What we want to do first is "twice the number". This is because this happens first, even though the words are ordered differently. Twice the number means the number doubled, or *2. Therefore, multiply 2 and n together, to get 2n. Next, add the "10 less" part. To do this, subtract 10 from 2n. We then get 2n - 10.Finally, put the equation together. Take 3n and 2n-10, and create an equation. We get 3n = 2n-10.Therefore, we have our final answer, or 3n = 2n - 10.Hope this helps!