Which situation CANNOT be represented by this equation? 4x+7=31Options are A: Taliba has $31 to order phone cases online. She buys 4 phone cases and pays a $7 shipping charge. What is x, the cost of each phone case?B. Taliba is ordering phone cases that cost $4 each online. There is also a $7 shipping charge. If she has $31 to spend, how many phone cases, x, can she buy?C. Taliba has $31 to order phone cases online. Each phone case costs $7, and there is a $4 shipping charge. How many phone cases, x, can Taliba buy?

Accepted Solution

the correct answer to your question is going to be option C. if we look at the equation 4x + 7 = 31, we can see that 4x stands for a number that changed depending on how much of something x can be. the 7 in the equation stands for something doesnt change depending upon variables how much or how little x will be. knowing this, if we look at option C we read that each phone case cost $7 while $4 is how much it costs to ship. since this problem is about how many $4 phone cases Taliba can get, C would incorrect because they say that $7 is the post of each phone case.Β 
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